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Kerrie Ann Vassall Richards

Over the past 16 years Kerrie A Richards has devoted her life to using technology and education to improve lives. She is a certified coach and mentor and has coached over 600 entrepreneurs in Europe and the Caribbean.

Her experience coupled with her firm and engaging manner has earned her the title “The ONE to Many” as she seeks to add value in every interaction. Kerrie worked in the adult education sector in the UK and upon her return to the Caribbean sought to impact lives through her work as Executive Director at ICT4D Jamaica and later as Entrepreneurship Development Manager at the Branson Center of Entrepreneurship.

In 2017 she founded Business Growth Rocket and has to date supported clients in the UK, France, Australia, USA and the Caribbean. She continues to serve on various boards and most recently joined the board of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Jamaica (YEA). She is the first person living with in the Caribbean to sit on the advisory council for the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) where she helps drive policy around internet number resource allocation.

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