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Janice Chaka

Janice is the founder of Introvert Media Lab, where she helps introverts build their brand and get hired. She helps entrepreneurs get the best of both worlds by combining her business coaching with done for you team management and amazing SEO services.

That way tasks get taken of your plate and you get to work on what you do best instead of managing a bunch of freelancers.

She also runs The Career Introvert where she is a leadership coach for introverts. She hosts the podcast The Traveling Introvert where she talks about running businesses, traveling (less so now) and being an introvert.

Download my reusable worksheet to help you work out where you’ll:
– Walk through what tasks you currently do and if they energize you
– Learn where you are spending your time
– Where to delegate tasks per department/role
– Finally find the time you need for focusing on growing your business to the next level…..without driving yourself crazy or trying to clone yourself!